The Guilt Free Friday Interviews – with Neela Prabhu

Neela Prabhu is the owner of Homeopathic Harmony, and has had a remarkable journey through mental health challenges, family dynamics and forging her own path in the world.  She is a true example of living guilt free and in this episode, she breaks it down into the steps she herself uses to keep making her own decisions and choices, and not reverting back to what others want her to do.

To contact Neela, you can go to her website: 

The Guilt of Eating Disorders – Guilt Free Friday Interview with Kerry Manning

*Trigger warning:  This episode is an interview with a sufferer of an eating disorder.  We go through details of her particular challenges and some may find it triggering or distressing so please exercise caution when listening.  If you or someone you know struggles with the relationship with food, please look at the links below to get the help and support you need.*


Kerry Manning is a Membership Project Office for the charity Stonewall and also happens to be my niece.  She has always struggled with her relationship with food and I am delighted that she decided to share her story and her ongoing recovery with me.  It was a really difficult episode to make, but she hopes that by speaking about it, others will recognise the signs and get help so that it does not have the same effect on their lives.


We talk about a number of resources that Kerry uses to help manage her ongoing recovery.  The links are below.

BEAT – The UK’s Eating Disorder Charity:

Christy Hamilton – The Food Psych Podcast: › foodpsych

Be Nourished – 

The Guilt Free Friday Interviews – with Katie Brockhurst

One of my favourite episodes, as I get to speak with Katie Brockhurst, Social Media Angel and author of Social Media for a New Age and Social Media For A New Age: A Digital Self-Care Guide: Book 2: The next phase: 2020 and beyond and we get to talk about all things related to social media and guilt. We cover the role of social media in building a business and how to not feel pressured into using social media in certain ways, we delve into the guilt that can be used against us by social media advertising, we even talk about the role of truth and authenticity in a world of fake news.  I think Katie’s approach to social media needs to be shared far and wide and is for me a huge part of living guilt free. 

To connect with Katie, you can find her – surprise surprise – on social media:



And her website: 

Introduction to the Guilt Free Friday Interview Series

We all know what guilt feels like, but not necessarily how it feels in particular situations.  This interview series is designed to tackle situations and circumstances that explain how guilt plays a part and how to overcome it.  I’d like to thank all of my guests for being so open and honest, and I hope the episodes do your stories justice.


** If you would like to be a podcast guest and talk to me about your own experience with guilt, then please do get in touch – I’m looking for more guests for 2020!

The Guilt Free Friday Interviews – with Sophie Eastop-Scopes

The Guilt Free Friday Interviews are a series of honest and inspiring conversations with those affected by guilt.

In this episode, virtual assistant Sophie Eastop-Scopes talks to me about her parental guilt surrounding her difficult labour and birth, the impact that had on her bonding with her son, and the way guilt has affected her life since, as a mum and as a business woman.


Sophie Eastop-Scopes is a Virtual Assistant and Social Media specialist; but first and foremost she is a mum to Alfie. Based in South-West London Sophie raises her son alongside her husband in Surrey; navigating the world of motherhood, guilt and work. 
For more information or to contact Sophie directly please visit:
If you would like more information on Sepsis (which can affect anyone at any age) please visit:  

The Guilt Free Friday Interviews – with Shalini Bhalla-Lucas

The Guilt Free Friday Interviews are a series of honest and inspiring conversations with those affected by guilt.

In this episode, motivational speaker and author Shalini Bhalla-Lucas tells me her story of finding her soul mate, losing and then reconnecting with her family and dealing with the grief of losing both her husband and father in the space of 18 months.  This powerful story tells us a lot about how guilt can be involved alongside many other powerful emotions.


Shalini Bhalla-Lucas is an award-winning author, entrepreneur, speaker, teacher/trainer and the founder of Just Jhoom! She is also an accredited Mindfulness and Meditation teacher – teaching people highly-effective, proven techniques to help combat stress, anxiety and depression. She is currently training to be an End of Life Doula. 

Shalini has performed all over the world and has had TV appearances on ITV’s Daybreak, Channel 4s Sunday Brunch and the BBC, as well as on numerous radio stations and podcasts. She has been featured in publications such as RED magazine, Top Sante and Dance Today, discussing physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing through dance and mindfulness. 

In January 2017, Shalini set up the Jeremy Lucas Education Fund in Kenya in memory of her beautiful, kind husband Jeremy Lucas who passed away in 2016 after a two-year battle with cancer. The Fund is currently providing scholarships for 16 Samburu children for secondary and tertiary education. 

Shalini self-published her first book “Always With You – A true story of love, loss…and hope” in July 2018. The memoir is about her personal battles with mental illness, the coping strategies she relied on to regain a positive mental state after severe depression, and the death of her husband. Shalini writes frankly about her experiences of love, bereavement, grief, depression and suicidal ideation, as well as her struggles with religion and Indian culture, and ends the book with a message of renewal, recovery and hope, and aspirations for the future. In October 2018 the book became a No 1 Amazon Bestseller. 

“Online Dating @ 40 – The Nobheads, Nutjobs & Nice Guys” Shalini’s second book, a funny and candid account of the highs and lows of online dating, was published in February 2019. It is an honest personal account of a 40-something-year-old determined to ‘live again’ following the untimely death of her beloved husband and soulmate Jeremy. 

In May 2019 Shalini was chosen from hundreds of women to be one of six inspirational women from the UK to be featured in the hair beauty company TRESemmé’s Power Your Presence Online and TV Masterclass. In the programme Shalini is featured alongside celebrity Emma Willis speaking about Being Positive, The Power of Thought and Building Resilience. 

Shalini’s third book “Happiness! Is It Simply A Mindset Shift?” will be published in the autumn of 2019. 

Shalini’s website:

Facebook and Instagram @justjhoom

The Guilt Free Friday Interviews – with Samantha Houghton

The Guilt Free Friday Interviews are a series of honest and inspiring conversations with those affected by guilt.

In this episode, author and ghost writer Samantha Houghton discusses her guilt connected to her son’s anxiety, and how parental guilt carries on far beyond their formative years.


Intuitive Ghostwriter, inspirational book mentor and award winning author

  • Published author of The Invisible Girl: A Secret Life and creator of #1 bestseller Courage: Stories of Darkness to Light
  • Multi published ghostwriter
  • Authentic public speaker
  • Co-scriptwriter of upcoming inspirational film
  • Book lover and avid coffee drinker
  • Trauma thriver



To create the most powerful impact on humanity I possibly can, directly from my heart, using the power of words through books, film and speaking. Hearing the right and profound words have encouraged me massively in my life to free myself of complex trauma, heal and aim to reach the life of my dreams. I use this to inspire and motivate others in their darkness to choose to rise, transform their lives by seeing how possible it is to go against all of the odds but to succeed and to live their purpose. I aim to create and leave behind a global legacy that will serve millions of souls forever during my lifetime and after I have departed from this world.