Taking My Own Advice

There are times when I have a lot of internal self talk. It keeps telling me that I’m not pushing hard enough, that I’m dragging my heels, that I just can’t ‘want it’ badly enough.

I’ve tried using the techniques in my book – because if they don’t work for me, how can I possibly expect other people to trust them?!?!

And even though this might sound total BS – it really did work.

Briefly, here’s what I did:
1. Looked at the list I had written for myself
2. Got real with the things that were on there that was to impress other people, or because I saw other people do it (for example, I had written that I would write talks I wanted to present yet I have done nothing to publicise those talks, so why write it before it is needed?!?)
3. After I took a bunch of things off, I went down the list asking myself why? Why did I want to do it, and why wasn’t I? This is the hard one, because you have to be brutally honest with yourself. 

I talk about internal and external guilt – and the fact that you do not feel compelled to act if the pressure is coming from external, however ingrained it might feel. One of the Aha moments for me this week was distinguishing between the things I genuinely had placed no value in, and those things that I wasn’t doing because I was SCARED TO TRY. This is life changing because the second I admitted that some of these things made me feel really vulnerable, my core just fired up and I realised how badly I wanted to do them. I set a structure in my day to make sure they got done, and managed to actually break the back of some of them.

I want you to read the book because I know that it is already starting to help so many people. I want you to read it because the tips in there work – truly work. Putting yourself out into the world in this way has been far more exposing than I imagined, and I know that is also contributing to my sense of procrastination – everything feels so personal. But I also know that when one of you (or whoever has read the book) write to me to let me know the impact it is having on them – wow, I feel amazing.

So if you are procrastinating, then try some of these tips or – for the full effect – make sure you get a copy of the book :-).

Here’s the link , juuusssst in case!