Lack of guilt is as destructive as too much

What we are seeing more and more in the world are people who are guiltless about their actions. I talk about living unapologetically, but not saying sorry doesn’t mean we do not have to own the consequences of our actions. Unapologetically means to live by your rules, and taking on the ownership of the consequences that happen. Own you life, but own your whole impact on the world.
What we are seeing right now is the exact opposite and one of the main reason we shy away from living our own life our way. We are seeing those who have committed acts of sexism, racism, bigotry, intolerance and hate openly and yet are not being held accountable for the impact that has and so are feeling more and more emboldened. No feeling of guilt means that their personal code is being rewritten and telling them that their behaviour is okay and it is not. Without external forces reminding them of the consequences of their actions – indeed, with external forces publicising it and still having no repercussions – they are learning that they can get away with it and it shows others that they should do it too.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that living guilt free means you get a pass for every type of behaviour. It doesn’t. In a law abiding society there are a common set of laws that enforce a way of us all living together in harmony. Guilt does not come from breaking these rules, but knowing deep down that what you are doing is wrong and harmful to others. And that is the part that is scarily absent right now.

Please hold people accountable for their actions. You don’t need to judge their actions on whether they are right or wrong, but if they are harmful to other human beings.