What FaceApp can tell us about guilt

Ah, FaceApp. You have been having a great time, getting everyone on social media to see what they will look like when they get older. I mean, at one point, literally my entire feed was everyone ‘having fun’ and being joyful of how they look.

Does this mean the end of all anti-ageing treatments, cosmetics, surgery? After all, it’s fun to see yourself getting old, isn’t it?

I happen to think it really is. So many people don’t get to be old, and yet advertisers spend a fortune with guilt trips, telling people that once they are old they are past it, no longer useful, no longer beautiful and they need products and treatments to be acceptable to the rest of us. Rubbish. You living a full, happy, purposeful life, being human and kind and generous and giving? We think you are amazing.

If you are going to create the pics then I urge you, I beg you – hold on to it to see how absolutely GORGEOUS an older you looks. It’s what we need in the world.