The Guilt of Eating Disorders – Guilt Free Friday Interview with Kerry Manning

*Trigger warning:  This episode is an interview with a sufferer of an eating disorder.  We go through details of her particular challenges and some may find it triggering or distressing so please exercise caution when listening.  If you or someone you know struggles with the relationship with food, please look at the links below to get the help and support you need.*


Kerry Manning is a Membership Project Office for the charity Stonewall and also happens to be my niece.  She has always struggled with her relationship with food and I am delighted that she decided to share her story and her ongoing recovery with me.  It was a really difficult episode to make, but she hopes that by speaking about it, others will recognise the signs and get help so that it does not have the same effect on their lives.


We talk about a number of resources that Kerry uses to help manage her ongoing recovery.  The links are below.

BEAT – The UK’s Eating Disorder Charity:

Christy Hamilton – The Food Psych Podcast: › foodpsych

Be Nourished –