Be A Rebel – Live Life Your Way

Jameela Jamilhas been all over my social media feed recently with her stance on the judgements that are handed out to women and girls over how they conduct their lives. She has taken quite a firm stance on calling out those who profit from our insecurities and I fear that now she spends more of her time batting away her critics than getting on with spreading her message.
You may not feel called to become an activist, but that does not mean that you can’t play your part in fighting back over the assumptions, presumptions and judgements that may be making you doubt yourself and not see your true worth. The biggest way to ‘fight the system’ is by living your life as you would like, unapologetically. When you live guilt free, you become able to stand firm to criticism and opinion because you absolutely know the origins of your decisions and you know that YOU made them. That type of ownership over your life? That’s the revolution right there.