January – Done!

New Year, New You – but what’s the point of that if you are letting somebody else tell you what the New You should look like?!

I’ve been watching social media over the last few weeks and since Christmas Day itself, it’s been all about how to be a better person, how to grow, how to achieve goals – all good stuff, but unless you know it is what you truly want to do, all other ways for you to feel guilty.

So, rather than give you more things to feel bad about, I want to give you something different – permission. I give you permission to do in January exactly what you want to do. I give you permission to not follow any diets, do yearly reviews, go to the gym, stop drinking stop eating meat – if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. Remember, if it means something to you – if it is something that aligns perfectly with your core values and beliefs – then the chances are you are doing it, but you’re doing it for the right reasons and not because someone said you should. For example, I am doing a 60 day high performance challenge, because I know that I need some structure so that I can achieve everything that I want to for YOU. But would I tell everyone to do the same? No – because unless it is meaningful to you, you will probably not enjoy it, therefore you will probably stop doing it and it then becomes one more thing for you to beat yourself up about.

So take this permission, and tell me what you are going to do with it. What does YOUR best life look like?